Seeking some advice: Best beacon approach for my use case

I’m brand new to beacons and I am looking for a little advice. I’d like to be able to detect the proximity between people (up to 2,500 at a time) on a large open area. From the research I’ve done so far there seems to be 2 options here:

  1. Make each device transmit as a beacon. This way each device can also listen to advertisements and determine proximity to other devices
  2. Utilize hardware beacons to spread around the area. This way (ideally) the area is auto-mapped by the beacons and the x,y coordinates of each device can be determined and compared against each other to determine proximity. This seems to require more processing of locations since I would need to determine user proximities to each other per beacon

What would you recommend for this use case? I’d like to check who is near me up to maybe 5-10 feet. Any help is really appreciated, thank you.