LF beta-testers, new version of the Proximity Beacon

Hey there, you beacon aficionados! Hope you’re having a fantastic day.

We have a small batch of a new version of the Proximity Beacon, where we iterated on the antenna design. As a result, these beacons have much better range, from our internal tests, more than a 100 m on +4 dBm. Everything else works the same as with the current, G1.8 Proximity Beacons.

We’re now looking for some external beta testers to try them out. Ideally, you have a use case that benefits from the longer range. We’ll also ask you to test the range in your environment, using your own app, with as many smartphones as you have on hand, and let us know how was it. Optionally, you can also test with the Physical Web.

Hit me up in a private message if you’re interested. (Click on my avatar, then the Message button.) Or, email me to piotr@estimote.com



I received the new beacon yesterday. Let me know if you have a technical list of tests that we can make and we’ll do it.
It 's possible for us to deploy them in real conditions just tell me what you want to do.

Hi come back again,

Sorry for the delay of our answer we finish the test on the beacons you sent us. How do you want to share the results?