Seeing packet update times or raw packets for development?

I see that the ios SDK (and perhaps the Apple APIs) sort of integrate the presence of devices and report the list every second. Is there a way to see the actual last packet received time for a device or to see the raw packets as they come in for development purposes? i.e. I am not concerned if doing these things is disallowed for production app store code, I’d just like to experiment and get a better feel for the visibility of the devices.


You could use Core Bluetooth to write your own scanner, that’d report every single advertisement found (i.e., the centralManager:didDiscoverPeripheral:advertisementData:RSSI: delegate).

For Estimote Nearables, you’d be looking for packets with manufacturer data (CBAdvertisementDataManufacturerDataKey) that starts with (i.e., first two bytes) 5d01 (i.e., Estimote’s manufacturer ID). The ID of the Nearable is bytes 3–11, i.e., 8 bytes.