Accessing acceleration via CoreBluetooth

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Within my master thesis i want to evaluate if Nearables are sufficient to recognize movement in the 3-dimensional room. Assume 3 Nearables on a line (e.g. on a wooden stick), I want to show if this line is rotating or moving in a certain direction.

As your wearables could send every 100 ms, it would be nice to get the acceleration data more often than every second. I wrote my own scanner, in swift as you proposed in

[Seeing packet update times or raw packets for development?]

I can get the advertisement data out of it every 100ms. Is it also somehow possible to get the acceleration data? After i found your post on stack overflow im kind of hopeless.


Does it somehow depend on the primary Packet Type? As far as I understood Nearables won’t need a connection to read their data.

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Ahhh okay, got it :slight_smile:

@Lausbert do you mind sharing some tips how you solved it? I’m need this for my research as well. So far was able to connect to nearable and read some services and characteristics via ‘nRF Connect’ app but it would take some time to decifer it.