RSSI unit/power from the Estimote iOS app


We wanted to do some experiment about RSSI using the Estimote App (from the iTunes Store), and the RSSI values I read are in dB unit.

From what I understood RSSI is a measurement of power of received radio signal, so we should be able to get the power in dBm or mW from the readings. Right now I am trying to find out the relationship between received power and the distance, using the same transmit power (which is set to -12dBm at this moment).

We have recorded the RSSI readings at various distances, but the RSSI value is in dB as the app shows. This seems to be a relative value and not the power in dBm. So I would like to know if there is a specific formula to get the received power (in dBm) from the RSSI reading.


Just a typo, it should actually say “dBm”. Gonna be fixed in the next update (:

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