Measured Power values

Hey there,

I am struggling to find a Measured Power values (calibration values at 1 meter), for certain Broadcasting Power level for Estimote beacons.

Something like here RSSI @ 1 meter :

Could you help me please?

Here you go! (:

-30 dBm => -91
-20 dBm => -81
-16 dBm => -76
-12 dBm => -74
 -8 dBm => -68 
 -4 dBm => -66
  0 dBm => -62
  4 dBm => -60

Out of curiosity, what are you gonna use these for?

Thanks a lot.

I am working on my diploma thesis, where I compare Estimote vs Kontakt beacons and also how accurate is iOS CoreLocation framework in calculating the accuracy distance (how far is the phone from beacon). Therefore the calibration value is quite important in terms of calculating distance.

Does your Estimote SDK have specific functions for calculating distance? Or you are also using CoreLocation?

Just wondering, do you have any idea how iOS(CoreLocation) is doing those calculations? I couldnt find any valid documentation.

Wow, great to hear that! If you want to share your findings once you’re done, we’ll be delighted to take a look! (:

As for your questions, we’re relying on Core Location. No idea how CL does it though ):

I was just working with those Measured Power values, do you know what device did you use for this 1m calibration? Was it iPhone 5?

Thank you

iBeacon spec requires the calibration to be performed with an iPhone 5s, and that’s what we used.

I had set the Transmit Power (Tx) as -8dBm and Advertising Interval to 960 ms. Can you please tell me how to calculate the range in meters ? I’m on iOS