Trasmit Power and RSSI -- What am I measuring?

New Here.

I am trying to measure the RSSI of my beacons for various trasmit power values. Using the estimote App or creating one by my own I can change trasmit power of the estimote telemetry, the eddystone …etc but not with the estimote monitoring and the estimote location.

When I mesaure the RSSI with my phone what am I exactly measuring ? because each option ( estimote location, telemtry… etc ) seem to have a different power.

Estimote Monitoring is by default hard-coded to -4 dBm, but should also work with other values (although there’s very rarely a need to use anything other than -4 dBm).

Estimote Indoor Location is hard-coded to +4 dBm, and that’s a hard requirement. We can’t guarantee Indoor Location SDK will work correctly for anything else.

The RSSI shown in the Estimote app on the beacon details screen is the RSSI in the connection with the beacon, so it’s very likely not at all representative of the RSSI of the individual advertisements.

What do you want to use this data for?

I want to use / I am trying to use the RSSI to get the distance of my beacons. Beforehand, I know this is hard and beacons are not build to be precise distance sensors, anyway, I have to use them as a part of my project. My purpose is to measure the RSSI from different beacons at the same time in a big indoor location but I am not approaching it very well.

So, for example, if I get the RSSI using an App with the estimote sdk, I am getting the signal strength of that concrete advertisment. is´n it?