Did the beacons need internet connection?

I am thinking to buy few estimote beacons. I would like to know if the beacons need to be connected to a server ( or internet) to change randomly the UUID or the beacon generate it alone ( offline ) .

Even if secure UUID is not activate, how to change the UUID through the sdk ? My server has to be nearby and connected with bluetooth to the beacons or the beacons have to be connected to internet ?


When you enable Secure UUID on your Estimote Beacons, they will automatically change their UUID/major/minor every few minutes—no need to be near the beacons, connected to them via Bluetooth, etc. (Side note: beacons themselves can’t connect to the Internet.)

However, Estimote SDK needs Internet connection to be able to take the randomized UUID, send it to Estimote Cloud, and obtain the “real” UUID of the beacon. This is because the decryption keys need to be stored in the cloud—anything you store in an app is not safe, because everyone can download the app, decompile it, and obtain the keys.

What app are you trying to build?