Retrieve the origin from a Location

Hi Estimote Team,

I used the Indoor Location iOS application to set up a Location and I’d like to know where the origin is in that map. Is there a function in the SDK or somewhere in the cloud where I can find that information?


Hi there!

If by the origin you mean 0,0 it can be anywhere on the map with regard to location depending on the source of location.

• In auto-mapping wizard one of the beacons has coordinates 0,0 and location is rotated so that longer walls are vertical.
• In mapping wizard 0,0 is approximately at the starting corner.

So you have a couple of options:
• You can either just check coordinates of the corners.
• You can draw something at 0.0 ( Use following method to draw objects within the map: drawObjectInBackground:withPosition:identifier:10 )

• You can also click, get click coordinates and calculate indoor coordinates
• You can translate location so the 0,0 is anywhere you want: