Beacon origin source when setting up indoor positioning

I would like to know what is used as the origin when placing beacons for indoor positioning.
x ranges from around -2 to +2 ,
y from -3 to 3 and
orientation looks like normal spherical 0-360

I'm wondering what orientation is taken to be zero , i.e. when is it set, and for x and why what would be set to 0 to get the values I am getting? hope it makes sense,
Thanks, Iva

Hey Iva,

(0, 0) is placed in the center of the bounding box spanning a location. Note that in some cases (e.g. L-shaped rooms) this might mean that (0, 0) is actually outside the room.

Orientation returned by the location updates is always towards the magnetic north, i.e. 0 = facing the north.