Retrieve nearables from the Estimote Cloud REST API

Is there a service to get nearables associated to our account just like we do for the beacons ( ?

Sylvain Audet (:

I feel dumb. I tried /nearables but never tought about /stickers. It works perfectly thanks!

Where can I find this information, do you have a link?

Yeah, sorry about that, our Cloud API docs need some more love (:

For now, a “hack” I can offer is … if you go to, and open your browser’s debugging tool (in Safari it’s called a “Web Inspector”, I think it’s similar in Chrome) and check the requests, you can learn a lot about what for and how you can use the Cloud API. Our Estimote Cloud frontend is just a JavaScript app that utilizes the same Cloud API that we make available to external developers. (With a little exception that some of the endpoints are reserved to a login-password authentication, and won’t be accessible with an app token authentication.)

Awesome! Thanks Piotr.