Delay DidEnterRegion iOS

Hi, Need urgent help!

I have an iOS app with monitoring 3 beacons did enter event and didexit events are inconsistent. Some times it is working perfectly but some time delay to get notification even for enter event. Anybody pls help. Is is because of any beacons setting. I have set the Transmitting interval as 331 and TxPower minimum, range is only .25m.

Some variance in how soon the enter event gets triggered is sadly to be expected. What app are you trying to build, maybe we’ll be able to suggest some alternative implementation.

Thanks. We are mapping hazards to beacons and if the user is near any hazard area we are showing a notification to the user you are near hazard area. For e.g.: Fire/Petrol bunk etc.

Hi…could you pls tell me how monitoring working in background?I just wanted to understand how it will work in iOS… as you have mentioned in another post monitoring will take care by iOS and not the application. So whether we need to enable anything to work in background?