didEnterRegion delayed after some app usage

Hi the app i’ve been building enters into a state where the estimote’s delegate gets called after 4-5 minutes entering/leaving the region.

When you first install the app it works very well an takes between 10-20 secs to identify in/out modifications but after certain usage it becomes very slow.

Do you guys know what could be the cause of this ? any idea of what could be causing this ?

Welcome to the world of iOS Bluetooth, where it’s hard to say anything at all about how it works (;

In all seriousness though, our suspicion is that when you don’t use the iPhone for a while, it goes into sleep or low-power mode or something like that, and that’s when Bluetooth discovery slows down. There’s little we can do to change this behavior.

If you have any Location Beacons, you could beta-test our own monitoring implementation, Estimote Monitoring:

In there, we’re experimenting with some tricks to make the Bluetooth detection more responsive. I know a major update is coming soon to it, with improvements to background detection, so it might also be worth keeping an eye on our iOS SDK GitHub repo. (star/watch it to be emailed by GitHub with any new release)

@heypiotr Thanks for your quick answer, i’ll take a try at the location beacons and see how it goes.