React Native and Eddystone

Hello! I bought 4 BLE Proximity Beacons a month ago. I’m trying to create a basic application that detects them and sends a proximity notification. I don’t have any knowledge in Java/Kotlin or Swift/Objective C, but I do have experience in React Native development. I understand that the React Native SDK is deprecated. I searched for an alternative library and found this one: react-native-ble-manager.

Do I understand correctly that if I decide to use the EddyStone or iBeacon protocol directly, I will lose the extra features offered by Estimote? Nonetheless, I understand that it’s possible to use EddyStone, right? However, I’m still unable to visualize my Beacon device using the mentioned library, although I can see other BLE devices.

I tried enabling the Eddystone Configuration Service from the Estimote Cloud, and I received the following message: “All advertising packets must be disabled before enabling Eddystone Configuration Service. Keep in mind Eddystone Configuration Service requires third-party configuration tools. It does not support configuration via Estimote Cloud and SDK.” I already have all services disabled.

Could you help me out? Thank you in advance.