When regionMonitoring active, Proximity Ranging stops functioning in App

I am using three beacons and ranging to popup and show a viewController with individualized views for each room when in .Near and .Immediate proximity of each beacon.

When I have the code for monitoring (didEnterRegion) active in my app the ranging functionality for showing a new viewController no longer functions. I get a notification, which when pressed brings up the main ViewController of my project app. But then the ranging functionality seems to no longer see or recognize when I am in near or immediate proximity of any of the beacons. If I comment the monitoring code out, then proximity ranging functions just as I expect. Is there an issue with having both monitoring and ranging active at the same time? I know the app doesn’t need to b active to recognize a beacon, and this works. And for ranging functionality the app needs to be active, which is how I’m testing it. But they don’t seem to want to play together, What should I be looking at to get them to play together nicely?

Ranging and monitoring should work perfectly fine, both running at the same time.

When you say that ranging stops functioning, do you mean the didRangeBeacons delegate not getting called at all, or called with an empty beacons array, or something else?

Any chance you could share a code snippet? You can message it to me in private if you’d rather not post it publicly.

Im a new developer and not sure whats going to help you most so I’ll just give you the link to my final class project on GitHub

I thought maybe there was an issue with just being a delay happening, but I can leave my phone right next to it for 2+ min and still nothing makes any changes.