Quality of proximity in 3d spaces

Hi, I’m creating an app that uses OpenGL ES to render buildings. I would like to know the following:

  • Is it possible through the Estimote SDK to obtain precise enough coordinates to locate a user on the 3D map using proximity?

  • If possible, in what format are the coordinates of the beacon returned? in Longitude and latitude, or a system of local coordinates?

Proximity is more like simple geo-fences, lets you know when you’re near a beacon/point of interest. So you’d be able e.g. to position the user in the general “lobby” or “kitchen” area.

But there’s also an Indoor Location SDK which gives you (x,y) coordinates. Accuracy depends on the density of the beacon deployment, with 1 beacon per 25 sq meters, it’s usually around 1-4 meters. It’s a local system of coordinates, but you can always translate it to longitude and latitude, if you anchor the Indoor Location floor plan appropriately.

Thank you very much, then I find the indoor location SDK more convenient. To finish a final question, can I use virtual reality devices such as Hololens or oculus rift to do indoor location ? , taking into account that these devices have bluetooth

You’ve got to plug Hololens/Oculus to some source device anyway, I don’t think you can run your app directly on Hololens/Oculus. If that source device happens to be iOS/Android (not sure if that’s possible), then you can just add Indoor SDK to the app, and take the position data into account when generating the image.

If the source device has to be a PC, then it’s a little more complicated => maybe you could run Indoor SDK on an iOS/Android device, stream the position to the PC, and the PC renders the image and streams it to the VR headset :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot for the explanation. I just was searching for answer about accuracy and how to change the system of coordinates as I started a new project at my new place of work and although worked with 3D and AR, have no experinece with this aspect! If you can advice other helpful resources, I would be very grateful!