Responding to my email

Hello there, I have sent many emails to your company querying about
technical problems with your product Location iBeacon and nobody
response my emails.

So, my current problem is that iBeacons don’t work with range more
than 5 meters that your claim they work up to 200 meters. Another
problem that I found is that the func beaconManager(_ manager: Any,
didEnter region: CLBeaconRegion) doesn’t work well at all.

I also have another query. What is the different between monitoring in
proximity and monitoring in iBeacon? Which one should I use?

I would like to have contact information of people who I can ask
directly about the technical problems with iBeacons(for examples,
Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout, Facebook). I have developed my app
with Swift 4.0

I have already emailed to Jess, Kate, jk, Jan.chojnacki, Info and

Hi there @cablel!

Sorry for that! We were waiting for our head beacon detection engineer, Bartek, to be back — he’s the one best suited to discuss the distance discrepancies you’re seeing. He’ll reply to you in the next 24 hours.

Proximity SDK (and Estimote Monitoring) are a technology we’ve developed to get better reliability than you can get with iBeacon. It works with our Location Beacons and Proximity Beacons manufactured this year, and you also need the Proximity SDK (for either iOS or Android) to work with that.
Another advantage is that you can set your triggers for individual beacons, rather than for UUID/Major/Minor — making it a bit easier to work.
We have a longer description here and a release note here.

Hope this helps!