Proximity App Template in Xcode missing libPods-Proximity.a

I downloaded the Proximity App template from the estimote cloud, but I am getting a linker error. It is looking for the library libPods-Proximity.a, but this library isn’t included in the project. Does anyone have any clue what needs to be linked?

So actually this boils down to a bug report:

  1. The proximity template that downloads in the EstimoteCloud is outdated.
    I noticed that the Proximity Project template on github is more current and has correct linking libraries included.
  2. But even the Proximity Project template on github does not run out of the box: It fails to request access to Location Services and always complains that it doesn’t have it. You need to add the request for location services to it.

For the libPods-Proximity.a, just be sure to open the .xcworkspace and not the .xcodeproj.