There was a problem with Estimote Cloud


I am new to estimote. I have one beacon in my cloud. I want to change some of the property of beacon like Primary packet type. But I am getting the error “There was a problem with Estimate Cloud”.

Please help


We are having intermittent problems right now with the app. It will be back fine in an hour (server side fix).

I am now able to connect but still it is not persistent conection. I am getting following errors

  • Cannot connect to beacon
  • There was a problem with estimote cloud
  • When I am trying to update the firmware, everytime it is failing at 34%.

Please help.

1/ Are you using Estimote app on Android or SDK?
2/ Can you share MAC address of the beacon?
3/ What device/OS you are using?
4/ Can you describe more in detail one of the problems? From what you are saying I see 3 separate problems.

We’ve also been running into issues with the Estimote Cloud. The custom tags and names for the beacons have been reset and we are unable to change them. Are the servers still having issues?