Possibilities for a simple use case

Hello community.

I am looking for a device or technology that will assist me in achieving the following.

I am partner in an events company in South Africa that specialise in Adventure Motorbike Events. We hold and host events that have upto 300 motorbike riders go out into the wilderness/off-road, for several hours, and are required by us to be registered, and obviously, check in and out of base.

As an events organisation, we are responsible for the safety of our riders, and we would like to have a technology based on LE Bluetooth that can assist us in tracking and keeping tabs of our riders at the events.

I am currently looking for a solution where we would place a LE Bluetooth sticker on every rider/bike, and have certain beacons throughout the route, and most importantly, back at base camp for when the riders check out and check in.

Do you have something that can suite that need in bulk? The individual items seem pricey, but we want to make use a very simple function. A simple check in function.

When riders rider through the start, their tags sends a signal that they have passed the entry point, and when they return, they trigger the same station/or a different one to register that they are back. We could also have a station on the routes too of course.


I have checked your request and I should admit that beacons are passive. They can’t pass their coordinates. Beacons broadcast a message and only in that way we can figure out their location. In order to get user’s location we need an application pre-installed.

If there are any other questions, please feel free to contact me directly ekaterina.bulavina@itechcraft.com.

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