Sticker or Location Beacon communication without Smartphone

Hello Guys,

We are working on an app project specification, wherein we have about 5 acres of official building layout that we are looking to make BLE compatible with location to create indoor location map and directions etc. Whcih can be managed through location beacon and can communicate with smartphone of the vistors.
Now, the client also needs to have tracking of staff who doesn’t have smartphones, so we were thinking that we could use Estimote stickers on their ID cards for tracking but without the smartphones how will their tags communicate with our server to transmit the data?

Please advise.


I’ve prototyped something like that during some hackathon, it’s not too hard actually. I used an Intel Edison, which is essentially a mini-computer with WiFi & Bluetooth, running Linux. (You could use Raspberry Pi too.) I used this Node.js library to do scanning for stickers, works perfectly fine on Linux:

The hack I was working on assumed you’re gonna put Edisons/Raspberries in conference rooms, that would be constantly scanning for stickers. When somebody with a sticker on their employee badge would come in, the Edison detects that, and sends this info to the server.