Position detection not stable

We've setup the demo in a room and when we enter the room, the location of the phone jump around the room, the beacons are stationary and on the walls, even setting the phone in the middle of the room on a table it still jumps around. Is anyone else seeing this? does it happen often?

Hi Thomas,

Do you use our Indoor SDK or your trilateration/triangulation algorithms?


Hi Thomas -- thanks for your feedback, it's invaluable for us. Our Indoor Location is still in the early stage and will only get better in time.

Can you try starting near a beacon? That's usually where location accuracy is the best. Once it stabilizes near a beacon, if you start walking around the room, how's the stability/accuracy then? Are there any obstacles between your position and the beacons on the walls?

If you look at the location's map generated during the setup process - does it look accurate? Do beacons' position on the map more-or-less match their physical location? Is the orientation okay, does it match your physical heading?

Let me know - your detailed feedback will be of tremendous help here!

Witek, We were using the demo app and set it up using the instructions.. ie: place each device, we put on 4 walls in a room, then goto each one and place phone next to them..

Piotr, as above, using the demo application, the orientation where the beacons were are correct, and I believe the initial distance readings are close. the reading would change even with out moving the phone, we place on a table in the middle of the room and it would seeming move to one beacon. We also tried in a smaller room, it still happened but was less distorted. I'm wondering if it has to deal with sustained power usage and battery quality.


This is a first version of Estimote Indoor Location and we are still working on that to improve accuracy. For now I would suggest to start walking from a place very close to a beacon.