Inaccuracy of Estimote App for Indoor Location

In the Estimote App, Under Configuration, there is a function to scan for Beacons in range.

The scanning works fine in detecting all my beacons, but there is a very drastic inaccuracy. I have encountered this problem every single time I attempt to detect my beacons.

The problem:

  1. Phone is scanning beacons, untouched, unmoved.
  2. Beacons are around the room of various distances, untouched, unmoved.
  3. On the app, the beacons that are scanned often fluctuate around within the circle radar (The beacons’ positions keep moving, even though phone and beacons are unmoved)
  4. On the app, occasionally, the beacons that are scanned also often disappears from the radar and then reappears later on (randomly on and off, on and off)
  5. The above happens even when all devices/beacons are untouched, and unmoved.

I believe that as a result of the above problem, whenever I launch the demo app from the Indoor Location SDK, the user’s position always fluctuates and teleport, even if the user has not moved at all!

Is the inaccuracy supposed to be so bad? (The beacons are placed at least 1m away from each other)

If that is the case, how does one even get the estimated (x,y) coordinates of the user?!

Please assist. Thank you.

So is it just me or does the developer(s)/admin(s) in this forum have a tendency not to reply to questions they cannot answer and simply choose to ignore helping?

Sigh. Worst tech support ever?

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