Please, how can i send automatically updates in or out from beacon to mysql, i mean, without usin buttons, on clic, just for any refresh, write it into mysql

Automatic database update

Hey @jfredycortes!

This is really unusual case. If I got you right, you want to synchronise beacon settings with your own MySQL database. Could you tell me more why you want to do this? What is your use-case?

Our Beacons’ data is always synchronised with our Estimote Cloud, so there is no need to dump this data to yet another database.


Hi, thanks for your reply, Iet me explain, what I need is to send the the user “username” and “location” (Beacon UUID) from the app to MYQL database automatically. At this time, for testing, I use a button which I manually click to send the data. I would like to know how, without pressing any button, each time the user is located by a beacon, their username and UUID will be automatically triggered into the database. Thanks again, regards.