Store beacons Info in local DB

I am using demo sdk of android. In that I want to create local database and store the beacon name, uuid, major minor and how many time a beacons is scanned with time. Please guide me how to do that.

In my opinion, you can store beacon data in the same way as you can store any other kind of data on Android device. You need to create local SQLite database and access it with raw SQL queries, through ORM or ContentProvider. There’s no one, the best solution for that. You can choose solution, which is most suitable for you. It’s related to general Android development - not Estimote SDK. I’m not sure, if it makes sense to count how many times beacon is scanned, because you can constantly scan given area. You can count, how many times beacon was discovered as in example available on GitHub repository, but I’m afraid it may be called many times if you are standing in a specific area. As far as I know, you can enable Analytics for Beacons, which allows you to measure how many times a specific beacon was pinged. It’s probably the right way to measure what you want.

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Yh @pwittchen but I am not able to get the beacon name from app. I am getting the major,minor,uuid of beacon .SO how to get and change the beacon name that I can show the name in app.
Actually I want to make a app which can be used in schools for eg. If a teacher or parents want to see how far they arefrom the particular child so the name should be there displayed on app of each beacon to get them. For this I need name.Thnk you

You can also get MAC address of the beacon, which will be different for each device. You can assign given address to some readable value in your database. Next, you’ll be able to distinguish person or object basing on that. You can read MAC address through the SDK and you can check it at:


If all you need is to name your beacons, you can do that on, and then fetch that information in your app via the Android SDK: EstimoteCloud#fetchBeaconDetails

hey @heypiotr

So where do I need to call this methoda and use it?

Well, that’s up to you. Wherever you need this information. There are no specific requirements around where the EstimoteCloud methods can be called.

@heypiotr Can you please give me source code of this if possible as I am not getting how to do get info and store in db.Please!
Any help will be appreciated .Thanks