Passive vs. Active Bluetooth LE Scanning


Are there any implications on battery life for Estimote stickers regarding these two scanning modes? For instance, might active scans prevent the stickers to go into some sleep or something similar?

Could a continuous “hcitool lescan” reduce the battery life of an estimote sticker? I think noble / node-bleacon uses some active scans, too. And I’m wondering wether that could create the very short life time of stickers we are experiencing here.

PS: Here are two places where noble sets some (scanning) intervals:

Does anyone know whether this is similar or different to what the official Android/IOS SDK does?

Stickers broadcast non-connectable packets majority of their time, so passive/active scanning doesn’t make a big difference. iOS/Android are mostly doing active scanning as well. (I only found iOS doing passive scanning when monitoring for an iBeacon packet and the app is not running.)