Order Taking an Eternity

Hello everyone,

I’m putting this here because Estimote are not answering my emails. Do the beacons take a long time to be delivered? I placed my order three weeks ago and it’s stuck on “to be manufactured”. My flic IOT button was ordered on the same day and I got it about three days later - from an overseas destination!


To quote Pink Floyd: “Is there anybody out there?”

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“Just nod if you can hear me…”:grinning:

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Hey there!

Please pm me the email you’ve used to write to us and/or the order number.


Hello Timo,

I am currently having the same issue, I’ve ordered a month ago but my order status is stuck on Manufacturing. Any help with this will be appreciated.

I just received new user of the month. Is this some kind of joke? I just want my questions answered. This is really poor customer service. Days without responses to my emails, then a half-baked conversation via PM. I’m tempted to pull my order, but I really want this device for my ageing dad.

@vvskeem Apparently delivery takes about two months, so I’m told. I don’t know why I couldn’t have been informed of that publicly rather than via PM.

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Okay, thank you for that information, That’s all I really wanted to know.

I appreciate it.