Order iBeacon Bluetooth 5.0

Dear Estimote Team

I’m Sukitima, buyer from Thailand.
I’m procurement engineer from Forward system Ltd, Thailand.

We order your Proximity Beacon, Bluetooth 5.0 from your distributor in Thailand.

We order around End of July, they tell us this goods is pre-order within 4 weeks.

But now is so long time and over due date.

They tell us your factory have problem about material for production and can’t estimate delivery time to they.

Is that true?

Could you please informing the cause of delay shipping problems to show our customers that the reason is beyond our control.

Because we should use it for integrate with our access control system.
We must to finished work to our customer too.
We want to ask for your help. Regarding the documents

I really appreciate your support on this.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Do you have customer support or not?
I’m not receive your response around 2 weeks.

Hi Sukitima,

I’ve having the same problems. No answers and no Estimotes… ;(

Kind regards

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It was horrible!!