One UUID and one back-end for multiple businesses?

For example a festival environment where one back-end is sending out various random messages to the festival app. There would be 100 beacons using the same UUID or a max of 20 UUIDs since there’s only one app.

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Technically, of course it can be done. You can hook up multiple apps with a single backend, and have multiple apps monitoring for the same regions :smile:



if there are various apps running on top of the same beacon network / infrastructure you might also consider our new feature called “Infrastructure sharing” - you can read more about it here:

If you are a beacon network owner you can invite different apps and grant them an access to your beacon network. There are some people charging for that as well.

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Thanks guys

Another questing regarding backend for CMS passbook coupons, links, messages etc. I have tried all the demos from all of Estimote’s recommended list and unfortunately they are not acceptable.

As a new programmer could you explain a little bit about what markup languages I’d need to know to build my own? JS, CSS and PHP? Obviously I’m thinking a web based dashboard for the customer.

Have you seen They use your beacons and seem to have a swank dashboard.

Finally as people are saying if you don’t have a back end you can just generate passbook coupons but if my client is not tech savy how are they going to create new coupons on the fly?

For Passbook, have you seen PassKit?

About building your own backend with a customer-facing dashboard, that’ll be HTML + CSS + JS for sure for the presentation layer. For the “engine”, there’s more technologies available than one can count: Ruby (on Rails), PHP, Python (e.g. Django), Node.js etc. etc. I’d suggest going with something that’s easy to learn, has lots of Codecademy courses available etc.

Just out of curiosity, which CMS-es you considered/tried and what was wrong with them? I think it’d be valuable info for the whole community.

If you are looking at backend as a service , you could see our platform, we have tutorials and sdks (iOS and Android) for do your developments easily.

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