Can I change UUID to match existing set of beacons?

I tried changing my Estimote beacon's UUID to another UUID in use by our team. The mobile app says that it can't change because the UUID is in use. Is there any way to accomplish this if I want all our beacons to have the same UUID?


Hey guys -- we only allow one UUID per Cloud account. E.g. if already set UUID XXXX to some of her beacons, won't be able to use the same UUID for his beacons.

We have some exciting fleet management updates coming to Estimote Cloud, some of which might address the problem of allowing multiple Cloud accounts e.g. within the same organization to share the UUID.

For now, I can recommend using a single Estimote Cloud account if you want to share the UUID.

You can safely generate new UUID with our Estimote app, please read more here:

After you set new UUID for one of your beacons do the same with the others - the new UUID will be shown as suggested after you tap on Beacon and go to it's settings.

Sorry maybe I didn't explain.. we have some beacons with existing UUIDs, and I want to set these new ones to match. When I tried to enter a specific (and valid) UUID via the iOS app, it complained that they're in use and wouldn't let me set it. That linked blog post doesn't really address this.

I am having the same issue with the new Estimote admin app. The estimote admin app will not let modify the UUID of the beacon because it complains is not unique. Estimote admin app should not care what UUID/major/minor I use?? I configure other beacons and never had this issue. Something buggy in the estimote admin app or cloud content management?

Got back a response from estimote about this topic stating that they restrict how UUIDs are used across accounts in their cloud (and thus via their mobile admin app). So for example, an estimote cloud account user XYZ can't use the same UUIDs as estimote cloud account user ABC.

Unfortunately this is very bad for our OfferDrop platform and mobile app that used by our merchant clients, since our app shares the same UUIDs across all our merchants, since they all share the same mobile app. And we allow each merchant to mange their beacons independently so long as they encode the beacons with the unique UUID/major/minor we issue. And the must all share the same UUID (for reasons I won't go into here).

I understand the need by estimote to limit the possibility of UUID collisions but this will make using estimote beacons by our merchant clients very difficult.

There needs to be a better way to handle this. Disappointing that estimote is putting in this restriction. Unfortunately we will most likely have recommend other less restrictive beacons to our merchants if we can't find a solutions for this.

Hey Sam -- understand your disappointment. Feel free to hit me at piotr (at) and I'll be happy to discuss alternative options for your use case.

And once again, let me emphasize that we're well aware of this limitation and plan to address it in uncoming updates to the Estimote Cloud.