One beacon cannot be found by any BLE scanning App

I used LightBlue App to scanning estimote beacons, found one beacon cannot be found. Than I used Estimote App and cannot find it yet.

Hi Tonny,

Thank you for reporting that. It might be the issue connected with battery, please write me aga [at] I will be able to help.


I have same problem.

Hi, I received beacons 2 ~3 weeks ago.

Today I tested. But one beacon is not found. Is there any switch? If not, how do?

And how to check battery level and how to change power level in program. I am testing beacons on iOS 7.1 using the provide examples and added the following code to get battery level but null value returned.
NSLog(@"Battery Level %@", self.beacon.batteryLevel);

At the given power level, almost useless to apply in my application. I need to control power setting and advertising interval.

Help Me.

Best regards

Hi Choi,

Please try rebooting your iPhone to see if it's not an issue with the iOS bug we're still waiting for Apple to fix.

If this doesn't help, it might mean the battery is dead. The best way to open the Beacon is a vertical cut across the top of the enclosure. If yu have any problem with that, shoot me an email: wojtek[at]estimote.

To read the battery level through SDK, you need to be connected to a Beacon, it's explained in this thread You can also read it through our Estimote app.

Broadcasting power and advertising interval can also be set either through our SDK (see how: or via the mobile app.


We were testing today, and we are also unable to find one of our beacons. We can successfully connect to two of the beacons, just not the third. We have tried on multiple devices without any luck.

Hy Amy,

It most likely is a battery issue. Drop me a line to wojtek[at]estimote, so I can explain to you how to replace it with a new one.