Obfuscation code with Estimote SDK. Apple rejected my app

Hello, Everyone.

I’m developing an app in Objective-c for iOS devices.
My application uses the iOS version of the Estimote SDK to get the battery level of Estimote Beacon.

Apple rejects my app. Apple review team says:

  1. Guideline 2.3.1 - Performance

We discovered that your app contains hidden features.

It would be appropriate to remove all code obfuscation and selector mangling from this app before resubmitting for review. These selectors include ‘SDK_v2RmqtE8QRceHjTQwD3v37oOqso61QFlOFHEk:protocolVersion:’ and ‘SDK_t0deadLdPKsU8FJPMjmJ:’.

The next submission of this app may require a longer review time.

I investigated using the command otool to see the dependency library of the program.

‘SDK_v2RmqtE8QRceHjTQwD3v37oOqso61QFlOFHEk:protocolVersion:’ Did not exist.
‘SDK_t0deadLdPKsU8FJPMjmJ:’ Existed.

It was in the Estimote SDK.
It was not rejected in Estimote SDK (4.14.1).
I rejected it when I set it to Estimote SDK (4.24.0).

How can I solve this problem?
Also, what kind of additional information do you want to solve?

Thank you very much.

I have similar problem with rejection. I use Estimote SDK 4.22.1
I have other problem that is probably a bug of SDK. I’m removing all SDK and I’m going to use native function of iOS to scan beacons

Hi there,

We’re painfully aware of app rejection issues and are working to remove the obfuscation from the Estimote iOS SDK so that all your app can get approved.

It’s in the code to protect our IP but since it doesn’t comply with recent Apple’s guidelines, the necessary fixes will be available in the new version of the Estimote iOS SDK. The ETA for the new release is tomorrow. You will be able to update your app with the new SDK and resubmit to the App Store.

You can check the status of the release here.

Thank you for your patience!

Thank you for your answer.

I will check it from now.
I will report it if there is something.

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I am facing the same problem of rejection of the builds from the Appstore with the same reason of Obfuscation code. I am also not getting any reply from Estimote through emails. Could you help me out in this, Please?

Hi team,

We had employed the latest estimate sdk in our iOS application.

While under review the apple’s review team notified us that the sdk had obfuscated code present in it. Our app had already been rejected previously due to this issue, and upon enquiry they mentioned this as the reason.

Can you please let us know, what should be the solution for the issue?