Issue submitting to app store after integrating

This might be a long shot, but my app just got rejected for the first time, and the estimote sdk was the only thing I added.

Here is what I got from Apple:

We discovered that your app contains hidden features.

It would be appropriate to remove all code obfuscation and selector mangling from this app before resubmitting for review.

Some examples of this concern can be seen in the following selectors:

[SDK_f6aWLhAfJMlKDIvJBZ7 SDK_h6R3gaS1GEsD7MCl9LYWI0GAF8ItiDSiqpQmlfNaEG2S9vW:SDK_e5L7s2FNTdu8Ttv1lRdrCWv:], [SDK_i3fZ1DFu SDK_q6Y35ujzNnHf63qgxSic4VvBPtrkz9qWhDlmjjOALML:toDate:]

I have no idea how to find this right now. Just seeing if anyone else has seen something simlar.

I’ve tracked down the problem a bit. I’m using CocoaPods to integrate your SDK. I had to search thru the archive using grep. All of the calls, starting with SDK_f6aWLHAFJMIKDIvJBZ7 come from the Estimote SDK. Which means I’m dead in the water unless I remove Estimote support. At least that is my understanding.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Same issue with my project got rejected today.

I am thinking to downgrade the SDK version to see if this work, will let you know how this go

We emailed an Estimote employee about this, response back was this is a known issue and they are sprinting to fix it. I did not get an ETA.

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We just got rejected for the same reason. I wonder what kind of mangling does Estimote use. This is really concerning and hope the fix is coming really soon.

This is from the review team if it helps:

We discovered that your app contains hidden features.

It would be appropriate to remove all code obfuscation and selector mangling from this app before resubmitting for review.

We recommend that you use the “nm” tool or the command line tools “strings” or “otool -ov” to find the entities that are causing this rejection such as ‘SDK_v2RmqtE8QRceHjTQwD3v37oOqso61QFlOFHEk:protocolVersion:’ and ‘SDK_y1GIX0wNIaPvXjEJikTuYtf5vWbqtHMj:rssi:scanDate:firmwareState:protocolVersion:nearableIdentifier:hardwareRevisionNumber:bootSoftwareVersionNumber:appSoftwareVersionNumber:temperature:idleBatteryVoltage:stressBatteryVoltage:motionState:currentMotionStateDuration:previousMotionStateDuration:xAcceleration:yAcceleration:zAcceleration:powerLevel:advertisingChannel:’."

The next submission of this app may require a longer review time.

Hi guys,

Piotr from the Estimote team here.

We’re painfully aware of these issues and are working hard to remove the obfuscation from our iOS SDK so that all your apps can get approved. It’s in the code to protect our IP but since it doesn’t comply with Apple’s guidelines, we’re gonna make the necessary fixes as soon as possible. The ETA for the new release is next week, no specific date yet but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

While waiting for the fix for SDK 4, you can check out 5.0.0-alpha.2 we just released. It contains a new way we deal with obfuscation - it may resolve this App Store rejection issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Just as a follow up on this. Apple changed their review process, so now our apps are being rejected and will be subject to a more strenuous review process because of your code. I’m actually ok with that, I’m sure you were blindsided by it as well.

But I am greatly annoyed by the lack of response from your team. It took 3 days to get an response from you. That is not acceptable by any business standard. One day I can live with. But 3 is just being asleep on the job. Are you running this as a business or a hobby? This is NOT a minor bug here, this is major issue.

If you knew about the issue before I posted the forum question, you should have warned your customer base ahead of time. Post a message on the forum yourself so people know what is going on.

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Here we are in a hurry because we are trying to release our new redesign product, and got a rejection from Apple.

We would like to get more agile communication about this from Estimote team, because its affecting us so bad because we have everything set with due dates.

And try to change to the Alpha of the SDK it’s not a good option because it affect us in a great way in our code.

Hi everyone,

We’re really sorry it took us so long to release any public information about these problems. It’s definitely something we’re not proud of.

The moment our own app got rejected from the App Store, we started analyzing the possible solutions and implementing them right away. You’re right to notice that we neglected the communication and failed to warn you in advance that all of these might happen. We were as surprised about the rejected apps as you were but we’re back on track. We’re putting final touches now and the new, updated SDK is scheduled to be released tomorrow (Wednesday). We believe it will solve all the issues that go against App Store’s guidelines and will allow you to get your app approved very quickly.

Simultaneously we’re implementing changes to the way we communicate with you guys and will make sure to always keep you in the loop as soon as we spot anything that could affect your projects. The moment something pops up again, the forums will be your place to go (and so will be ours). Once again I apologize on behalf of the whole team for the poor experience this time and I can assure you that the lesson has been learned. Expect the new SDK tomorrow.