Using 50 beacons in iOS App & App rejected

I’m developing an app in swift for iOS devices. I use monitoring for background and ranging for foreground, 50 beacons with diferent messages that refresh via API. But I have 2 main problems:

  • Apple rejects my app. Actually I desactivated all beacons features to confirm beacons are the problem. Apple says:

"Guideline 2.3.1 - Performance
We discovered that your app contains hidden features.
It would be appropriate to remove all code obfuscation and selector mangling from this app before resubmitting for review
The next submission of this app may require a longer review time."
Is it probable I have a method for beacons feature that causes the problem? I launch monitoring on AppDelegate, ranging on viewWillAppear (mainView) and stop ranging on viewDidDisappear (mainView too).

  • Due to I have 50 beacons, I can’t create 50 regions for monitoring. I created 1 region in base of UUID like this:
    let id = UUID.init(uuidString: "B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D")
    let region = CLBeaconRegion(proximityUUID: id!, identifier: "FDM")
    self.beaconManager.startMonitoring(for: region)
    region.notifyEntryStateOnDisplay = true
    region.notifyOnEntry = true

In didEnter function, I try to extract major and minor to show a different notification, but doesn’t work:
print(region.major.description) prints nothing. I think is due to I created region without major and minor. Can I extract this information in didEnter?

Thank you very much

I have this issue too, it is not because of your code, but from the Estimote SDK. I’m resigned to waiting for the Estimote dev team to fix the issue on their end.

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Do you have any link about this issue? I want to know what’s happen.

This topic should have any Estimote Support take care.

@Septiem, please see this thread for more info about the issue:

This is fixed starting with the SDK 4.25.3.

Just what heypiotr said. Estimote updated their SDK and my app has been approved.

That said, Apple is a bit picky when you add support for BlueTooth devices to your app. Be ready to go a couple rounds and provide the Apple review staff with examples of what the integration is supposed to provide for your users.