Not detecting Beacons in iOS 13


We are using ProximitySDK in Objective C based application.
In iOS 13, the beacon detection is not happening.

iOS version: iOS 13.1 Beta
XCode : XCode 11.0 beta 6 (11M392r)

Is there any change we need to make in the App for iOS 13?

We are getting the following in logs, but onEnter onExit are not getting triggered:
**Number of devices assigned to “TagA”: 1
Fetched tags from Cloud

Could you please help on this?


Hi Team,

Is there any update on this issue?

Current SDK versions we are using:
EstimoteProximitySDK : 1.5.0
EstimoteBluetoothScanning: 1.0.5


We’re tracking this issue here:

… and working on it (: