NFC beacon detection fails sometimes and works sometimes

HI I am building a beacon deployment app which detects NFC beacons when tapped on to back of the phone and then proceed with deployment process. The problem i am facing now is that, when i tap a beacon it will not be detected sometimes and failure sound will come from the estimote app. What is the root cause of this? When i sync the beacon again with the estimote app, it gets detected again via nfc. So when this beacon goes to state where in it can not be detected by NFC?

Same issue cant find a workaround or even a solution for this. Need help.

Hi guys,

What devices & OS are you using?

Android Device : Nokia 6.1
Device Model : TA-1089
Android Version : 8.1.0
estimote SDK: com.estimote:sdk:1.4.1
Firmware Version: 4.12.0
Hardware Version:G1.12