Trigger Digital Signage based on beacon proximity

My company recently decided to start investigating beacons as a service we could possibly offer our clients, so i’ve been building a proof of concept app for us. I’ve managed to build an app that monitors a region, sends and alert and switches content based on proximity but now i’m looking to take it to the next level.

It seems that almost every beacon demo video you can find show someone approaching a beacon and digital signage changing to show product information. I would like to do a version of this, although since it’s just proof of concept, at a simpler level. I’m just looking to display the users name as they enter the beacon region. A sort of personalized hello world.

I’ve been trying to work the logic out for a few weeks now and just seem to run myself in circles. I have a background in .NET development but, I’m quite new to mobile app (specifically iOS) development and beacons, but was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for what we are trying to do.

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I don’t really get the issue. You want to display the name of the user logged in?
If so, you would probably have his credentials stored on the device.

What I would do to start is to print the text you want in the console to start with. Don’t get yourself confused before you fully understood the process of detecting a beacon.

What i would do, is start monitoring and ranging beacons.

Then do a simple test, if the closest beacon proximity is Near for exemple, print (“Hello okhenry”);

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Do you use iOS or Android?


Thanks for responding Morgan. My problem isn’t with displaying text in the console or even to the screen, I’ve gotten that far. What I’m looking to do is send data from the phone that approached the beacon to a different display.

I think I have figured out a way to do this but am still open to suggestions if anyone has a better approach.

My current approach is to send the users name through a query string to a webpage, this page handles the incoming data and send a notification using SignalR to a separate page that can be left running on the display unit.

Hi okhenry–Check out what we’re doing with Estimote beacons and digital signage. Is this close to what you’re looking to do?

I had come across those video’s when I was searching for ways to do this. That’s exactly what I’m looking to d, although at the moment I’m looking at a much simpler scale since I’m just working for proof of concept. I’m trying to just tackle one thing at a time.