Need estimation and costing on location beacons

HI Guys,
We are planning to leverage our office premise with location beacon and it’s around 300000 square feet, Can you please help us to estimate number of beacons we need and how much it may cost.

How do you plan to use the beacons? For example, if you only want to detect people entering and exiting conference rooms, one beacon per conf room would be enough, and the estimation is fairly easy. If you want to do precise indoor positioning for a Google-Maps-like experience, just indoors, then that’s a much more complex estimation. It’s also usually a good idea to start small, build a prototype, cover a smaller (“minimum viable” if you will :P) space first, and if all is going well, then think about scaling up.

Hi, ShivNandan,

Minimum 6 beacons are needed for a 500 square feet room. We can’t give an exact number of beacons without seeing your floor plan. So send us your floor plan to We are mobile app development company based in India with specialization in beacon technology.


Look forward to hearing from you.

Team Techware