Number of Beacons for one room

Hi =)

I´m trying to test Beacons for a university project.
I have a room 12x5m. When I start the App to place the Beacons in the room, it says that I have to place 6 Beacons (one at each short wall and 2 at each long wall)?

Why do I have to place 6 Beacons in such a small room?
How can I change the number of Beacons for one room?

Thank you

What app are you trying to build?

If your app requires very precise (x,y) position of the user, then you’ll need a pretty dense beacon setup to achieve that, and that’s why Indoor Location suggests 6 beacons for your room. (A 12 m long wall already warrants a use of two beacons.)

On the other hand, if you’re only interested in knowing whether the user is in the room or not, you definitely won’t need that many beacons. So, if you tell us more about your use case, we’ll be happy to advise about the optimal setup (: