Nearable SDK features

Hi guys,

I’m using stickers with the android SDK and have a question,

I’m wondering what is the refresh rate on the Nearables demo, (i.e. on estimote demo apk, select nearables demo, then select a sticker, the next screen lists sticker details ( id,major,minor,motion data…)

how often does this information refresh , is the refresh timing of this page programmable in the code, I could not see it in any classes. some times it seems to take 10 - 15 seconds while on this activity for changes in the beacons position to be reflected on screen, sometimes it appears to happen quicker.


At nearable (device) side:
Nearable’s default advertising interval is 2.5s (a new packet is sent every 2.5s), but advertises more frequently when in use.

At SDK part:
API for scanning nearables isn’t as good as we wanted to. We wanted to give developers access to nearables as fast as possible. We are preparing much better scanning API.
That said, when you start nearables discovery, callback is invoked once per each second. It can be changed with BeaconManager.setForegroundScanPeriod method.

Great thanks for that information