Update scan periods

I need to update the foreground scan period when scanning the estimote stickers (slower or faster depending on certain conditions), but if I put
into the nearableListener it is not update.
Is there a way to do it?

Do you mean that, despite you setting the ForegroundScanPeriod to (10s, 5s), the nearable listener is still being called every second?

Yes right, the interval is not updated

Gotcha. I know the ForegroundScanPeriod is intended mostly for use with iBeacon, so the Nearable scanning might turn out not to be affected by this option.

Can you file a bug report/feature request on our Android SDK GitHub tracker?

BTW, what you building with stickers? (:

I didn’t know this feature, anyway I don’t understand because the first time it works but it doesn’t allow to be updated later.
I’m working on a telemedicine system for remote monitoring of medicine intake (using Android and stickers).
This feature it would be really helpful to avoid scanning too frequently when no is needed

However I think that the documentation doesn’t specify anything about this.

In the logs:
D/EstimoteSDK: com.estimote.sdk.service.BeaconService$IncomingHandler$1.run:824 Setting foreground scan period: ScanPeriodData{scanPeriodMillis=10000, waitTimeMillis=5000}
But it isn’t really updated

setForegroundScanPeriod Is this available for iOS? I need to add some delay between each scan for iOS application.

The Bluetooth APIs on iOS currently have no way to control the scanning parameters. The iOS itself decides the details.

What are you trying to do? If you only want to detect beacons periodically, you can always stop the beacon detection for a while, and re-start it later. (But generally only when the app is in the foreground.)