My Location Beacons are falling

Dear Estimote support team,

I have deployed 15 Estimote Location beacons in a customer of mine. I have sticked them over clean and well-painted surfaces made by plaster (ceiling lining and wall) and steel (a vertical I-beam).

Despite the annotation at the sticker tape cover that says “after the first 45 minutes it should stick permanently”, unfortunately all of the beacons have fallen from the places they were stuck. One of them even got separated from its sticker tape which remained stuck in the ceiling lining.

So I have two requests:

  1. Could you let me know if I should not stick them over these kind of surfaces (plaster and steel)? Do you recommend any other sticker with higher glue potential? Or what should you recommend?

  2. Some of them stopped communicating/connecting even with the Estimote official application. How can I proceed with this? Is there any possibility of replacement in this case?

Thank you,

  • Rafael