Monitoring health of beacons

Hello, I would like to understand what is the recommended procedure to track the health of the beacons. To put in other words.. if i place my beacons all across an will one to come know if a particular beacon is running out of battery and needs replacement or if a beacon is not working. Please throw some light on maintenance and health monitoring on estimote beacons.


First of all, what we recommend is switching on power modes, which help you save the battery.

Secondly, to monitor the level of the battery, you need to check each beacon from time to time with our app.
You need to login to the beacon and check Estimated Battery Life.

Let me know, if you have any thoughts on this.

Hello Ola Puchta.. Thanks for the reply. Checking for battery status from Estimote App is fine. However if I need to get this information from you app and post in into a dashboard of my choice, how can it be done. The dashboard will be used to monitor the status on a regular basis.


It's done automatically - after you connect to a beacon wit the app the battery level is automatically saved to Estimote Cloud. Hope it helps!

Hi Agnes, Thanks for the reply. Will a common user like me have access to the Estimote cloud to see the dashboard. If yes, kindly provide details of how to see the dashboard with battery information of all beacons.

We are constantly working on our fleet management, I think it will be a solution for your problem. We gonna release it soon, stay tuned for more info!