Low battery life issue


I have a similar concern as one of the 3 Beacons that I just received showed up to have only 39% battery life (after getting the battery level with the Estimote SDK).

This means that if the battery is going to run out of power in some time, I'd like to know before it happens how to change the battery!

But I made some more tests and it appears that since then the Beacon tells me it has 100% battery life. And I can't "re-create" the situation where is tells me something other than 100% like it did at the first battery level verification.

Do you have any infos on a potential problem with Beacons broadcasting some "false" infos sometimes? Or anything else on that matter? Or may I, maybe, go through some checking steps in order to check my Beacon?

Thank's in advance for the infos!

Hi Yvan,

Please check your email I've just sent you detailed respond for your question.