Monitoring multiple beacons at one time for geo-fencing

Hey everyone,

So my idea is this, we would have a large of number of beacons owned by one company, all would have the major version to the same ID (to represent the company name) and the minor version would be different and identify where this beacon is located.

From what I can tell in the API when you have a task in the OS listening out for particular beacons you need to listen for a specific ID, where I want to listen out for multiple.

Does anyone know if this is possible?



Hi Kevin,

We are doing similar detection and using the following methods:

The didRangeBeacons method (Line 51) returns an array of all beacons found in the area, which should allow the behaviour your mentioned (you can add your own code so disregard any majors you aren't interested in).

The onBeaconsDiscovered method gives you access to this same array of beacons in the area on android.

Hope this helps as a quick starting point!

Hi Kevin,

You can monitor for one region if all of the beacons have the same UUID, or you can set up to 20 regions for different UUIDs.

Does it answer your question?

Hello @Ula ,

I’m a little bit confused about this 20 region limitation in IOS thing. If a company owns 100’s of beacons with same UUID, can IOS detect them all or not?