Modify the beacons

Hello, I am writing a service program. It can “modify” the beacons’ values sometimes,such as ibeacon, eddystone,etc.

I have read the Developer Docs, and tried to scan beacons by Nodejs, but it didn’t support "Authorizing via OAuth"

I have so far only used the Estimote SDK for android to connect beacons and modify values. But I think the service program is not supposed to be an ios/android app.

Are there other better or suggested ways?

Thank you so much for helping me!!

Is it possible to collect gps data from android cell phone and pass it onto the device via estimote cloud login using a browser?

Hi @kamalpr,

why do you want to “pass” data to the device? It can’t save any data, it’s just transmitting.

Hi Ximun,

the beacons supplied by estimate have an editable field of current location. I want to get that location from my cellphone and put it into the editable field.
or you tell me how to put the value of current location into the beacon/.


Oh, I did not know, thanks you for teaching me :slight_smile:

Searching in the SDK, it seems to me that you have to use one of these Settings if you want to put it within a connection:

Does it help you?