[Mobile/BLE/Beacon] driven solutions from Space-O

Hi all, I am Ilya - the Business Development Manager from Space-O Technologies, LLC

Our strongest side that moreover software development of Mobile apps we also do Hardware development of smart devices and Beacon-related solutions, here are our best works:

Shot Stats: http://shot-stats.com - the smart device for the Big Tennis - here we handle all development stages including PCB design, Firmware development, Mobile apps and Server backend. The Shot Stats device communicates with mobile apps via Bluetooth 4.0 LE protocol.

Tempi: http://mytempi.com/ - Humidity and Temperature smart device for your home - here we handle firmware and Mobile app development for the Tempi device. Tempi device communicates with mobile apps via Bluetooth 4.0 LE protocol. Also preparing for the start of WiFi transmitter device development (including PCB design from scratch).

HyperVibe: https://www.hypervibe.com/au/Hypervibe-G10-mini.php - here we handle Bluetooth protocol design and mobile app development for HyperVibe fitness vibration machine, including regular Business Analysis for a development of new ideas for product features.

Resto: We developed a solution to prevent stealing of iPad menu devices from Resto local restaurants. We placed a lot of Estimote beacons around the closed contours indoor of the each restaurant and track each iPad movements. In case if device left contour we run alarm at the admin side with specified iPad ID and location of where he left contour.

Does anything here look like your next project?
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Ilya Surinsky
Business Development Manager | Space-O Technologies
Skype: cblrok90
Mob: +7 952 882 3762