Proximity notifications


i am looking for a developer that can help me with setting up a beacon to beam notifications to mobile devices

Hi, I am Ilya, the Business Development Manager from Space-O Technologies.

I found your project very interesting for us because we are targeted to work only with serious clients and have a long-term relationship with them.

To tell you slightly more about us:

Our company develop mobile apps since first SDK was presented by Jobs in 2008. For this time, we collected a lot of experience and now help others.

Kindly check our major differences from other companies:

  • We have great expertise level in interaction with Estimote Beacons or any other BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) device.

  • One more interesting thing that we are developed Custom BLE device: - we just handled here both Hardware/Firmware and Mobile parts at once.

  • We can handle development for ALL Apple devices powered on: iOS/MacOS/watchOS/tvOS - So we can develop any kind of Native and Universal app which will strongly comply with Apple Guidelines.

If you are interested, let’s schedule Skype conversation and discuss your project together.

Which time is preferable to you?

Be free to add me in Skype, my ID is: cblrok90
Or send Email to:

Look forward to hearing from you soon.



I am Kirtan Thaker, Co-founder at Whitelotus Corporation a mobile app development company. We have a tremendous work experience on beacons. We have developed several apps which I can talk and discuss when we meet on skype or email.

Kindly get in touch with me. My email:

Skype: whitelotuscorp

Look forward to hear from you.