Measuring Distance Between UWB Beacons

Hi, I am trying to implement the UWB beacons into an Android app. I currently have one beacon acting as a tag and the rest as anchors. Is there a method to measure the distance directly between two beacons?

Hello there,
when you have to measure the distance between two UWB beacons in your Android app, you can utilize the built range features of the beacons. Then make sure both beacons are properly configured, one has tag and the other as the anchor. And lastly use the API provided by Estimote to access ranging data, which will give you the distance information directly.

Hope it works!

Our UWB Beacons (the rock shape) cannot range between themselves as they are programmed to range with UWB-enabled phones, e.g., iPhones or new Android devices.

If you need UWB beacons which can range between themselves, choose our UWB Tags (pebble shape). They can be programmed in JavaScript, and you can program one as an “anchor” and the other as a “tag,” and they will report the distance to each other.