Does a beacon know the distance to another beacon?

I want to know if a beacon knows the distance to another beacon and if i can access this information.

Our brand-new Location Beacons w/ UWB can do that. These beacons have an ultra-wide band radio in addition to the Bluetooth radio, and with our new firmware, this means they can very precisely (up to a few centimeters) measure the distance between themselves.

We’re using this technology ourselves to automatically build floor plans:

… but you can do whatever else you want with it, we’ll have an API to access the distance estimations directly.

They are currently available for pre-order at

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ohh, that’s sound great! @heypiotr
I have the estimote location beacons but, I couldn’t estimate a device position precisely. So I thought that a beacon could estimate the distance to another beacon with more accuracy.


@heypiotr what is cost of packet of 4 UWB beacons ? Would this work together with that cordova lib ?

Hi, Can we use this to show direction from user to beacon?

Not directly, no, it’s still just distance. However, since the distance estimate is very precise with UWB, you could ask the user to hold a UWB beacon directly in front of them, and turn around a full circle, and when the user’s UWB beacon faces the target UWB beacon, the distance will be the lowest. So that’s kind of like detecting direction (:

@heypiotr Can point me to the documentation on how to get the UWB based distance between beacons in real time? Is there any way to control how often a beacon will attempt 2 way ranging? It would be great if this could be done infrequently when no motion is detected by the accelerometer and more often while moving.